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A cash crop is
a) planted for food purposes only.
b) planted in order to export it back to the home country.
c) planted for profit.
d) planted to make a family self-sufficient.

The Puritans came to the new world for
a) religous freedom.
b) polticial freedom.
c) wealth.
d) adventure.

Slave labor became popular in the America's for all the following reasons except
a) the American Indians were too hard to enslave.
b) farmers increased their total number of acreage.
c) there was a decrease in indentured servants.
d) they wanted to send the slaves to Europe to work.

The Great Awakening emphasized
a) tensions between the colonists and the king.
b) patriotism.
c) rededicating yourself to god.
d) continued loyalty to the king.

Jamestown was established for
a) Europeans to gain religious freedom
b) Europeans to find political freedom.
c) England to gain wealth.
d) convicts because British prisons were too crowded.

The Native Americans believed in all of the following except
a) family is the basic unit.
b) land is owned and not shared.
c) Spirits live in the world and are our guides.
d) land is not owned but shared.

England's policy allowed the colonies
a) to become more independent and less dependent.
b) to become more dependent and less independent.
c) to gain a disloyal attitude towards Britain.
d) to acquire the need for fine British goods.

The middle passage was
a) the trip between North America and Europe.
b) the trip between Europe and Africa.
c) the trip between South America and North America.
d) The trip between Africa and the Americas.

All of the following were impacts of the Columbian Exchange except
a) introduction of guns and horses to western hemisphere.
b) the spread of disease.
c) American Indians gained wealth.
d) the slave trade

Agriculture allowed for all of the following except
a) allowed American Indian tribes to stay in one place.
b) surplus of foods.
c) creation of settlements.
d) a hunting and gathering society.

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