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In sex-linked traits, Genes are not carried on the:
a) X chromosome
b) Y chromosome

With incomplete dominance, when a homozygous red flower is crossed with a homozygous white flower:
a) The offspring will all be red
b) The offspring will all be white
c) The offspring will all be pink
d) Both red and white

A speckled hen is considered:
a) Codominant
b) Incomplete dominance
c) Sex-linked
d) A Natural Resource

A Black Bull (BB) crossed with a white cow (WW) yields 4 black and white cows (BW) in the F1 generation. If you cross two of the individuals from the F1 generation, the F2 generation will yield ______ % white cows.
a) 100
b) 75
c) 50
d) 25

Male Chromosomes are:
a) XX
b) YY
c) XY
d) XXX

What is the P Generation?
a) Also called the parent generation
b) The first generation to be crossed
c) The generation right before the F1 generation
d) All of these answers are correct

A roan horse is an example of:
a) Incomplete dominance
b) Total dominance
c) Codominance
d) Recessive dominance

When looking at a human karyotype, how many pairs of chromosomes will you see?
a) 12
b) 23
c) 40
d) An even 100

What is the difference between an autosome and a sex-chromosome?
a) The autosome codes for all traits but the sex of the organism.
b) The sex-chromosomes code for more than the sex of the organism.
c) The autosomes affect the sex of the organism.
d) Autosomes and sex-chromosomes play the same role in genetics.

Co-dominance appears to ______________________ alleles whereas incomplete dominance appears to ____________ alleles.
a) eliminate, combine
b) express both, blend
c) blend, express both
d) add, take away

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