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A model system in genetics includes
a) organisms that take many years to reproduce
b) easy to grow organisms
c) hard to study organisms
d) organisms that don't have arms

Portions of a chromosome that are coded with instructions to make proteins are
a) alleles
b) RNA
c) genes
d) carbohydrates

Principle of probability can be used to
a) tell exactly what your kid will look like
b) tell if a orgainism is the best
c) say what organism should be crossed
d) predict the possible trait your kid will have

An individual shows the dominant phenotype. How can you determine the possible genotype?
a) perform a test cross using the recessive genotype
b) look for incomplete dominance
c) perform a test cross using the dominant genotype
d) complete a punnett square dance

If a flower's alleles for height are (tt), what can we say about its parents?
a) both were tall
b) both gave a dominant allele
c) they both gave a recessive allele
d) they both were short

situation where a gene have more than two alleles
a) multiple genes
b) multiple alleles
c) polydominance
d) codominance

Factors in genetics are known as __________ and are part of an organism's _____
a) gene; DNA
b) dependent; lipids
c) proteins; chromosomes
d) chromosome; DNA

situation where one allele is not completely dominant over another
a) multiple genes
b) polydominance
c) codominance
d) incomplete dominance

variations in human skin color are an example of
a) polygenic traits
b) principle traits
c) codominance
d) a melting pot

a bunny can change its fur color in the summer to brown from its winter white fur. what most likely caused this change?
a) genes influenced by the environment
b) presto changeo
c) dominant alleles
d) just the cold environment

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