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The Statue of Liberty is a ___ of freedom for many people.
a) symbol
b) opportunity
c) custom
d) citizen

In the United States, a ____ has a right to vote.
a) citizen
b) adult
c) immigrant
d) ancestor

A ____ is a special way of doing things.
a) custom
b) migration
c) ancestor
d) opportunity

What do people who move to a new city have in common with people who move to a new country?
a) Both want a better life.
b) Both want to be a citizen
c) Both want to find religious freedom
d) Both want to stay in their neighborhood

Why do people set up laws in their community?
a) to make it safer
b) to make new friends
c) to find better jobs
d) to go to a new school

How fo ethnic neighborhoods help people who move to this country?
a) They learn to speak English faster, since that is all that is spoken
b) People can buy American foods there
c) People can get used to a new culture while still being around the old culture.
d) People can talk to friends from tehir home country on the phone

What is similar between Haiti and the United States?
a) school
b) language
c) customs
d) neighborhoods

What made Emmanuel Leutz famous
a) He painted Washington Crossing the Delaware
b) He wrote the Promised Land
c) He was the ruler of Haiti
d) He designed the Statue of LIberty

What made Mary Antin famous
a) writing
b) singing
c) dancing
d) painting

What is a word for relatives who lived in past times
a) ancestors
b) immigrants
c) decades
d) symbols

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