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What color of land was most fertile in Ancient Egypt?
a) Red
b) Black
c) Orange
d) Green

What do you call someone who crafts items by hand?
a) Peasant
b) Merchant
c) Artisan
d) Regent

What are the picturelike symbols that were used by the Egyptians to represent sounds and ideas in their language?
a) Cuneiform
b) Hieroglyphs
c) Rosettas
d) Alphabet

What are minerals from which you can produce metals?
a) Ores
b) Gold
c) Salt
d) Silt

What are a series of rulers from the same family or ethnic group?
a) Dynasty
b) Regents
c) Kingdom
d) Pharaohs

Who was the king/pharoah who united Upper and Lower Egypt?
a) King Tut
b) King Menes
c) Cleopatra
d) Thutmose III

What is the title given to an Egyptian ruler?
a) Emperor
b) King
c) Dictator
d) Pharaoh

What is the fertile soil found at the bottom of a river called?
a) Loess
b) Silt
c) Soil
d) Delta

What do you call someone who rules for someone who is too young to assume the duties of leader?
a) Pharoah
b) Peasant
c) Regent
d) Uni

Who among the following was a regent?
a) Thutmose III
b) King Tut
c) King Menes
d) Hatshepsut

Who was the greatest ruler of the New Kingdom of Egypt?
a) Thutmose III
b) King Tut
c) King Menes
d) Hatshepsut

What made it possible for scholars to understand hieroglyphics?
a) The Pyramids
b) The Rosetta Stone
c) The Regent
d) Hatshepsut

What is the process of preserving a dead body?
a) Regent
b) Afterlife
c) Mummification
d) Hieroglyphics

What were most people in the social class system of Ancient Egypt?
a) Peasants
b) Slaves
c) Priests
d) Pharoahs

Which of the following is true about the flow of the Nile River?
a) The Blue and and the White Nile are the source
b) All
c) It flows north
d) It empties into the Mediterranean Sea

Which of the following is a way that the Egyptians honored their gods?
a) Built Temples
b) All
c) Made Sacrifices
d) Prayed

What is the fertile, triangular-shaped land at the mouth of the Nile River?
a) Delta
b) Peninsula
c) Silt
d) Cateract

Which of the following is a historical kingdom of Ancient Egypt?
a) New
b) Middle
c) Old
d) All

What are the rock-filled rapids of the Nile River?
a) Deltas
b) Pyramids
c) Cateracts
d) Peasants

What was the nickname for Ancient Nubia?
a) Land of the Unknown
b) Land of the Dead
c) Land of the Cateracts
d) Land of the Bow

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