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Soil that is rich in humas has high _____.
a) fertility
b) water content
c) sand content
d) clay content

The most important factors indetermining the rate of weathering are
a) carbon dioxide and rain
b) abrasion and acids from plant roots
c) animal actions and oxygen
d) rock type and climate

To describe a rock's texture , geologist determine ___
a) the color and density of the rock
b) how the rock formed
c) the size, shape, and pattern of the rock's grains
d) how many minerals the rock contains

Earth's inner core is
a) a dense ball of solid metal
b) a layer of molten metal
c) a layer of hot rock
d) a layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin

A fossil formed when minerals replace all or part of an organism is called a
a) mold
b) petrified fossil
c) cast
d) trace fossil

heat and pressure deep beneath Earth's surface can change any rock into
a) chemical rock
b) gemstones
c) metamorphic rock
d) sedimentary rock

Igneous rock that formed from lava tha erupted onto Earth's surface is called
a) extrusive rock
b) intrusive rock
c) clastic rock
d) sedimentary rock

A river flowing across a wide flood plain begins to form a looplike bend called a
a) rills
b) meander
c) outside curves
d) deltas

The growth of plant roots and animal activity may result in
a) mechanical weathering
b) erosion
c) chemical weathering
d) abrasion

A mineral is inorganic, which means that it contains
a) compounds
b) materials made by humans
c) parts of living things
d) no materials that were once part of living things

The most abundant intrusive rock in the crust
a) slate
b) granite
c) flint
d) quartzite

what term describes the management of soil to prevent its destruction
a) soil exhaustion
b) soil decompostition
c) soil conservation
d) soil fertility

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