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What is the first step of the scientific method?
a) Publish your results
b) Make an observation
c) Form a hypothesis
d) Record and analyze data

Graphs, charts, and other numeric information are what form of data?
a) Qualitative
b) Quantitative
c) Correlation
d) Control

A scientist testing the effects of a chemical on apple yield sprays an orchard with the chemical. A second orchard does not receive the chemical. In the fall, the number of apples harvested from each forest is counted. What is the ind. variable?
a) The chemical
b) Number of apples
c) The first Orchard
d) The second orchard

According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, individuals who survive are the ones best adapted for their environment. Their survival is due to the ______________________.
a) Competition among species
b) Adaptations to their habitat
c) Lack of Predators
d) Possession of inherited adaptations that maximize fitness.

What is the relationship between genes and chromosomes?
a) Genes are found in every cell, chromosomes are found
b) Chromosomes determine gender, genes determine other
c) Chromosomes are compact storage units for genes
d) Genes and chromosomes are the same thing

The physical characteristics of an organism is known as the organism’s
a) Heterozygous
b) Homozygous
c) Genotype
d) Phenotype

Black is the dominant color of bunny's fur and white is the recessive. White can be expressed using what genotype combination?
a) BB
b) Bb
c) B
d) bb

The main function of a cell is to produce proteins. The organelle within the cell responsible for this, is the
a) Mitochondria
b) Ribosome
c) Lysosome
d) Vacuole

Plant cells contain specialized organelles which are responsible for the process of photosynthesis. These organelles are known as
a) Chloroplast
b) Mitochondria
c) Cell Wall
d) Vacuole

During sexual reproduction a sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell to produce a zygote which will become new offspring. Which of the following statements best describes how an offspring receives genetic information from two parents?
a) The offspring receives more genes from the female than the male
b) The offspring receives more genes from the male than the female
c) The offspring receives equal amounts of genes(alleles) from each parent
d) The offspring receives all the genes from each parent

When two identical alleles for a trait are in an organism, the organism is said to be _____?
a) Heterozygous
b) Homozygous
c) Hybrid
d) Testable

Cells which do not contain a nucleus to protect the DNA are known as _____________ cells.
a) Eukaryotic
b) Protista
c) Prokaryotic
d) Viral

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