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Some pathogens cause disease by
a) Destroying cells
b) Smoking cigarettes
c) Dividing uncontrollably
d) Producing insulin

An example of a pathogen is:
a) Bacteria
b) Fungi
c) Virus
d) All of the above

This type of disease is caused by pathogens
a) Communicable
b) Non-communicable
c) Viruses
d) Bacteria

An example of a communicable disease is...
a) Chicken pox
b) The flu
c) Ring Worm
d) All of the above

White blood cells engulf invaders. What does the term engulf mean?
a) Capture
b) Forgive
c) Destroy
d) See

Why would a T-cell mark an invader with an antibody?
a) If it is marked than it is actually a helpful bacterium
b) So that other white cells will know to destroy it
c) To make sure that it goes with the cell that marked it
d) So that it can be sent to the nervous system

Which of the following is NOT a way your body protects itself against disease?
a) Acids in your throat
b) Enzymes in your eyes, nose and mouth
c) Chemicals in your skin
d) Platelets in your blood

A substance that can kill bacteria is a(n)
a) antiviral
b) pathogen
c) pasteurization
d) antibiotic

The immune system produces antibodies that
a) cause cancer
b) inject genetic materials
c) reproduce inside cells
d) identify pathogens

What causes you to not get a virus again for a very long time?
a) You body now has antibodies against the virus
b) Your body is now smart
c) Because the virus is now dead
d) Trick question, you can get the virus again

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