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When one group of species is replaced with others over time, it is called ...
a) Ecological Succession
b) Pioneer species
c) Climax climate

Which of these organisms is a herbivore?
a) owl
b) tree
c) bird
d) deer

Primary succession almost always begins with . . .
a) Volcano
b) Sandy, pond bottom
c) Rock
d) Dry creek bed

What role do decomposers play in an ecosystem?
a) Decomposers are bacteria and fungi in soil and water
b) Decomposers contribute to the recycling of materials
c) Decomposers live on dead organic matter
d) Decomposers are the end of the food chain

When two different species overlap in the same biological niche, they are
a) Unaffected by one another
b) in co-operation with one another
c) in competition with each other
d) dependent on one another

A rise in birth rate while the death rate remains the same will cause a population to
a) Decrease in size
b) Increase in size
c) Remain the same
d) Become extinct

Which of the following is true of the carbon and oxygen cycle?
a) Producers take in Oxygen during photosynthesis
b) Consumers take in Oxygen for their life processes
c) Consumers release carbon dioxide as a result of photosynthesis
d) Producers release Oxygen as a result of photosynthesis

The struggle between organisms to survive in a habitat with limited resources is called _____.
a) Competition
b) Adaptation
c) Niche
d) Natural Selection

The stork uses its saw-like bill to cut up the dead animals it eats. As a result, the dead animal carcass is accessible to some bees for food and egg laying. This is an example which symbiotic relationship?
a) Commensalism
b) Mutualism
c) Parasitism
d) None

You are a responsible for determining an exact count of the bald eagles living along the Ohio River. The best way to determine the exact population size is by ______________.
a) Direct observation
b) Indirect observation
c) Sampling
d) Mark and recapture study

While observing a prairie, you noticed a grasshopper eating the grass and then a mouse eating the grasshopper. Later in the day, you observed the mouse being eaten by a snake. Which of these organisms is the secondary consumer in this food chain?
a) Grass
b) Grasshopper
c) Mouse
d) Snake

. If a plant, which grows low to the ground, requires a lot of sunlight to grow, a large sycamore tree creating shady canopy would a limiting factor for the plant on which of the following?
a) Space
b) Food
c) Time
d) Sunlight

Which of the following is the correct order from the smallest unit to the largest unit?
a) Organism, population, community, ecosystem
b) Ecosystem, community, population, organism
c) Population, organism, community, ecosystem
d) Organism, community, population, ecosystem

In an ocean ecosystem, which of the following would be abiotic features?
a) Krill and sand
b) Seaweed and water
c) Clown fish and sharks
d) Sand and rock

On a rock outcrop that has never been home to living organisms, what is likely to be the first organism to grow there?
a) Algae
b) Grass
c) Lichen
d) Moss

The first species to colonize a barren area is called a ...
a) Succession
b) Pioneer Species
c) Climax species
d) biome

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