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Which class is used primarily when navigating between pages in a Windows Phone application?
a) Protected Data
b) PhoneApplicationPage class
c) NavigationService.Navigate
d) NavigationService

When gathering location information, which of the following is likely to reduce battery life the fastest?
a) Using cellular service
b) Using Wi-Fi
c) Using the device's built-in GPS hardware
d) Using a Web service

Which gesture can be handled using a standard Silverlight mouse event?
a) Pinch
b) Flick
c) Tap
d) Drag

Which event is raised repeatedly as a finger moves on the screen's surface?
a) ManipulationStarted
b) ManipulationDelta
c) ManipulationPinch
d) ManipulationCompleted

Which of the following HTML5 features uses a fieldset tag?
a) Canvas
b) Forms
c) Audio
d) Video

Which of the following can an application do when it's dormant?
a) Display new emails
b) Gather mapping information
c) Calculate a canvas drawing
d) Play audio

Which method accesses page data?
a) OnNavigatedTo
b) PhoneApplicationService.State
c) CopyToIsolated Storage
d) Closing

Which of the following is not a requirement for a splash screen?
a) Includes a progress bar
b) 480 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall
c) Named SplashScreenImage.jpg
d) Build Action property set to Content

Which event is raised when a user presses the Start button or takes a phone call while an application is running?
a) Launching
b) Deactivated
c) Activated
d) Closing

Which technology does THML5 canvas use to draw shapes?
a) JavaScript
b) CSS
d) None of the above

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