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A customer receives an alert at the top of her Windows Phone device screen when her prescription is ready to be picked up at the pharmacy. What is this type of notification?
a) Toast
b) Tile
c) Raw
d) None of the above

WCF is a framework for building and accessing Web services. What is an RIA?
a) A Web-based application
b) A type of database
c) A protocol for accessing Web services
d) A type of Web service

Which type of architecture splits an application into reusable layers so that they can be modified without having to change the entire application?
a) N-layer
b) X-layer
c) N-tier
d) None of the above

Which of the following is not an example of an activity associated with consumption of a Web service?
a) Place a phone call
b) Get RSS feeds
c) Use maps
d) Interact with social media

Which of the following occur only when an application is running?
a) Toast notifications
b) Tile nitifications
c) Raw notifications
d) All push notifications

Which of the following commonly uses the UdpAnySourceMulticastChannel class?
a) A multicasting application
b) A network availability application
c) A Voice over IP application
d) Windows Azure

Which method associates an HTTpNotificationChannel instance to tast notifications?
a) BindtoToast
b) BindToShellToast
c) Unbind ToToast
d) UnbindToShellToast

Which of the following is used to tag data in a Web services communication and deliver it to the client for parsing and display?
c) XML

The construct using Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation; is listed at the top of a MainPage.xaml file. What is this construct called?
a) Variable
b) Declaration
c) Namespace
d) Class

Which of the following is an event that enables a mobile device switch from cellular to Wi-Fi when a high-speed Wi-Fi network is available?
a) IsNetworkAvailable
b) IsCellularDataEnabled
c) IsWiFiEnabled
d) NetworkAvailablilityChanged

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