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The theory of sea floor spreading developed in the 1960to explain symmetrical stripes of ______________________ across the mid ocean ridges
a) paleoclimatic changes
b) magnetic reversals
c) sediment accumulation rates
d) marine fossil deposition

What is the result of an oceanic and oceanic plate converging?
a) mountains
b) volcanoes
c) trenches
d) mid ocean ridges

What is the result of an oceanic and continental plate convergence?
a) mountains
b) trenches
c) mid ocean ridges
d) subduction zones, which produce volcanoes

What is NOT the result of 2 continental plates converging?
a) volcanoes
b) underwater mountain ranges
c) mountains
d) trenches

Why is new crust being formed?
a) continents are converging into each other
b) the sea floor has magma coming through cracks and causing it to spread
c) subduction causes the recycling of crustal rock
d) continental rock is coming from volcanoes

Where is the newest crust formed?
a) near the mid ocean ridges
b) where subduction is taking place
c) along the outer edges of the ocean
d) on the continents through volcanoes

What is the driving force behind plate tectonics?
a) convection currents in the mantle
b) gravity
c) magnetic force
d) friction

The evidence of glaciers in tropical areas is evidence pointing to the theory of
a) plate tectonics
b) continental drift
c) sea floor spreading
d) mid ocean ridges

The alignment of fossils on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean supports the theory of
a) plate tectonics
b) sea floor spreading
c) continental drift
d) mid ocean ridges

The alignment of physical features, such as mountain ranges and diamond deposits, supports the theory of
a) plate tectonics
b) mid ocean ridges
c) sea floor spreading
d) continental drift

The outlines of the continents fit together like puzzle pieces supports the theory of
a) continental drift
b) plate tectonics
c) sea floor spreading
d) mid ocean ridges

Where is the oldest oceanic crust?
a) far from the ridge and near the subduction zones
b) close to the ridge and far from the subduction zones
c) halfway between the ridge and subduction zone
d) on islands

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