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What is the type of energy that creates heat?
a) thermal
b) mechanical
c) electrical
d) solar

What is the correct energy transformation listed below if I have a flashlight that is on and is operated by a battery?
a) electrical to light to thermal
b) mechanical to electrical to light
c) chemical to electrical to light
d) electrical to chemical to mechanical

Coal is a type of _______.
a) petroleum
b) fossil fuel
c) natural gas
d) oil

Potential energy is energy that is
a) in use
b) moving
c) stored
d) gravitational

Renewable energy sources include:
a) solar, geothermal, wind, hydropower
b) coal, gas, oil, geothermal
c) radiant, hydropower, natural gas, wind
d) solar, wind, natural gas, petroleum

Conduction, convection, and radiation are types of _____ energy.
a) radiant
b) thermal
c) solar
d) electrical

Biomass is a type of ________ energy source.
a) non-renewable
b) geothermal
c) renewable
d) thermal

Mrs. Cent is an acronym that represents ______
a) the way energy flows.
b) the types of energy transformations.
c) the types of energy.
d) the types of energy sources.

Fission is when the __________ break apart in nuclear energy
a) atoms
b) molecules
c) nuclei
d) electrons

Fusion is when the nuclei ______ in nuclear energy.
a) create a compound
b) break apart
c) bond together
d) create a molecule

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