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When a group of people share a way of life with similar beliefs and customs is called....
a) Cultural Hearth
b) Domestication
c) Culture
d) Cultural Diffusion

What did the Nile and Indus River Valley depend on to grow crops in fertile soil?
a) Famines
b) Floods
c) Monsoons
d) Errosion

What was the form of writing developed by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia?
a) Greek
b) Heiroglypics
c) Caligraphy
d) Cuneiform

What two rivers surrounded the Sumer in Mesopotamia?
a) Tigris and Euphrates
b) Tigris and Nile
c) Nile and Indus
d) Euphrates and Indus

What resources led to the development of the early civilizations?
a) Mountains and Rivers
b) Rivers and Fertile Farmland
c) Fertile Farmland and Deserts
d) Mountains and Deserts

Why did the Sumerians develop a form of writing?
a) To carve into pyramid walls
b) To write religious texts
c) To count the population
d) To keep track of trade

What was the code of laws in ancient Babylon?
a) Babylonian Code
b) Confucianism
c) Hammurabi's Code
d) Ten Commandments

In Egyptian theocracy the Pharaoh was seen as what?
a) a commoner
b) a god
c) a wizard
d) a merchant

What two early civilizations had a theocracy?
a) Nile and Tigris Euphrates
b) Nile and Indus
c) Indus and Tigris Euphrates
d) Huang He and Nile

Egypt was located about what river?
a) Nile
b) Tigris
c) Euphrates
d) Indus

What civilizations were known for well-planned streets, cities and sewers
a) Nile River Valley
b) Mesopotamia
c) Indus River Valley
d) Tigris-Euphrates River Valley

What civilization developed a way to preserve the bodies of their dead into mummies
a) Nile River Valley
b) Mesopotamia
c) Indus River Valley
d) Tigris Euphrates River Valley

Government led by religious leaders
a) communism
b) republic
c) democracy
d) theocracy

The writing of Ancient Egypt
a) Cuneiform
b) Caligraphy
c) Heiroglyphics
d) Greek

The place of origin of a civilization or culture
a) Cultural Basin
b) Cultural Hearth
c) Domestication
d) Nile

Area of fertile farmland
a) Sahara Desert
b) Nile River Basin
c) Antartica
d) Mojave

What did teh Indus River Valley NOT have that the Nile and Tigris Euphrates did?
a) Irrigation
b) Writing System
c) Domesticated Animals
d) Cities

When culture spreads from one place to another is called...
a) Cultural Hearth
b) Domestication
c) Culture
d) Cultural Diffusion

What were the large architectural features built like step pyramids with a temple on top for the city-state's god.
a) Great Pyramid
b) Ziggurat
c) Great Wall
d) Sphinx

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