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What was the name given to Americans who supported independence from Great Britain during the Revolution?
a) Patriots
b) Tories
c) Separatists
d) Loyalists

A group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies in a minute’s notice are called…
a) a confederacy
b) commandos
c) an army
d) minutemen

Which was an outcome of the American Revolutionary War?
a) Women acquired a legal status equal to that of men
b) Men won the right to vote, regardless of race or color.
c) The United States became a free and independent country
d) Settlement was confined to land east of the Appalachian Mountains

Which belief was included in the Declaration of Independence?
a) This country is destined to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean
b) All men have God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
c) Any extension of European power in the Americas endangers this country
d) A purpose of government is to establish justice and to provide for the common defense

Where did George Washington set up camp in Pennsylvania during the winter of 1777, which would prove fatal for an estimated 25 percent of his men due to disease, starvation, and the cold?
a) Boston
b) Saratoga
c) Philadelphia
d) Valley Forge

Which was an economic motivation behind the American Revolution?
a) The colonist wanted to be able to import more natural resources from England
b) The colonist wanted to be able to use indentured servants, instead of slaves, on Southern plantations
c) The colonist felt it was unfair to be taxed without representation in the British Parliament
d) The colonist wanted to strengthen the value of their dollar in order to get higher prices when they traded with Spain

How did England view its North American colonies before the American Revolution?
a) as a waste of money
b) as a place to put ciminals
c) as a land of savages
d) as an economic resource

The shot heard 'round the world refers to the actions of the minutemen at…
a) Bunker Hill
b) Breed's Hill
c) Lexington and Concord
d) Boston

These taxes applied only to imported goods such as glass, tea, paper, with the tax being paid at the sea harbor where it entered. What was this act called?
a) Declaratory Acts
b) Stamp Act
c) Sugar Act
d) Townshend Acts

Which was Thomas Paine’s literary contribution during the revolutionary era?
a) Common Hymn
b) Common Sense
c) Declaration of Independence
d) The Constitution of the United States

The Proclamation Line of 1763 called for…
a) settlers to move west past the Appalachians.
b) a war
c) a stop to westward expansion by the colonists
d) Natives to move to reservations

What act, or tax, required all colonists to receive a mark when they paid a tax on paper products in the colonies in 1765? It would be repealed in 1766, after the colonist had protests and boycotts against it.
a) Sugar Act
b) Stamp Act
c) Iron Act
d) Hat Act

What was the name of the group that led many rebellions against British rule in the colonies and were led by Samuel Adams?
a) Daughters of Liberty
b) Brothers of Independence
c) Sons of Liberty
d) Patriot Brotherhood

The French announced support for the United States after the American victory at…
a) Saratoga
b) Yorktown
c) Boston
d) Valley Forge

The British recognized the United States as an independent nation in the…
a) Treaty of United State
b) Treaty of Paris
c) Treaty of Ghent
d) Treaty of Great Britian

The man who wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was…
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) John Adams
c) George Washington
d) Thomas Paine

The British agreed to recognize the United States as an independent nation after the victory at…
a) Saratoga
b) New York
c) Vincennes
d) Yorktown

Which best describes the American colonist reaction to British rule after the French and Indian War?
a) enthusiasm and excitement
b) resentment and resistance
c) quiet pride
d) casual indifference

What was the name of the incident that occurred on December 16, 1773, in Boston, MA, in which the colonist dressed like natives and boarded ship of the East India Company and destroyed 342 chests of tea?
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Boston Rebellion of Tea
c) Boston Massacre
d) The Great Native Rebellion

What was the name of the incident that occurred on the evening of March 5, 1770, in Boston, MA, in which five people were killed by British soldiers?
a) Boston Slaughter
b) Boston Tea Party
c) Boston Killing
d) Boston Massacre

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