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What subatomic particles are outside of the nucleus?
a) electrons
b) neutrons
c) protons
d) quarks

What type of charge does the nucleus have?
a) A positive charge
b) A neutral and a positive charge
c) A negative charge
d) No charge

You push a box with 50 N and your friend pushes the other way with 40 N.
a) The box will move 10 N the direction you push it.
b) The box will move 10 N the direction your friend pushes it.
c) The box will not move.
d) The box will move upwards.

A Barbie doll is riding on a toy car, when it hits a shoe and she goes flying--why?
a) inertia
b) gravity
c) action and reaction
d) mass and acceleration

What is located in the outer shell of atoms?
a) valence electrons
b) neutrons
c) protons
d) all electrons

How do you know the number of valence electrons an element has?
a) the group number
b) the period number
c) the atomic number
d) there is no way to tell

The zig zag line on the periodic table separates...
a) metals and nonmetals
b) large atomic mass and small atomic mass
c) alkali and alkaline earth metals
d) halogens and noble gasses

The number of neutrons in an atom of Potassium...
a) 20
b) 19
c) 39
d) 1

An atom with 1 or 2 valence electrons is...
a) very reactive
b) somewhat reactive
c) will not react with anything
d) impossible to know

On a roller coaster, small kids get knocked around more than big kids. Why?
a) It takes more force to move something with more mass.
b) Something will stay at rest until there is an outside force
c) Forces are acting only on the small kids.
d) This could never happen.

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