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Which has acceleration?
a) A bicycle turning
b) A car going a constant speed
c) A ball sitting on the top of a hill
d) A dog walking at a steady speed

How many atoms make up Na2SO4?
a) 7
b) 10
c) 6
d) 12

Which of these is an example of a physical reaction?
a) Crushed candy cane
b) Burning wood
c) Baking soda and vinegar
d) Iron rusting

What causes a rocket to move upward into the sky?
a) Action/reaction forces
b) Gravity
c) Friction
d) Potential energy

Your friend added several bags of groceries to his empty wagon. You could expect--
a) It takes longer to accelerate.
b) It needs less time to stop.
c) It moves faster.
d) It uses less energy to move.

Which part of digestion is a chemical change?
a) Saliva reacts with food to break it down.
b) The stomach churns solid food into a liquid.
c) Your teeth grind food into smaller pieces.
d) Food moves from your mouth to your stomach.

When is work being done?
a) When the student picks up her backpack.
b) When the student holds her backpack.
c) When the student walks across the school.
d) When the student picks up the backpack and walks away.

A car burning gas has what kind of energy transformation?
a) chemical to heat to mechanical
b) heat to chemical to mechanical
c) mechanical to heat to chemical
d) nuclear to heat to mechanical

How many atoms of hydrogen are in the molecule Ba(CH5O2)2
a) 10
b) 4
c) 5
d) 7

When a football is thrown, where does it have the least potential energy?
a) When the receiver is just about to catch it.
b) When the quarterback is holding it.
c) When the ball is moving through the air.
d) When the ball left the quarterback's hand.

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