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If you are doing an experiement, and your teacher instructs you to pour the remaining chemicals down the drain, what an you assume?
a) Your teacher doesn't care about the environment or the water supply
b) The chemicals will not harm the environment or water supply
c) The water treatment plant will remove the chemicals
d) The chemicals are probably not harmful because they have been diluted

What is the first step in the Scientific method?
a) Form a Hypothesis
b) Draw Conclusions
c) Ask a Question
d) Follow the procedure

What is a limitation to the Bohr Model?
a) It shows electrons in fixed places and doesn't show their movement
b) It shows protons in energy levels
c) The electrons are not in a cloud
d) Not all electrons have pairs

How many atoms of Hydrogen are found in this molecule? H6O2
a) 3
b) 2
c) 5
d) 6

In a chemical change-
a) More atoms are created
b) A new substance with different properties is produced
c) the product can be turned back to its original state
d) ice melts.

Describe the motion of a balanced force.
a) No motion occurs, the net force is 0.
b) Motion will move in the direction of the strong force.
c) Motion will move in the direction of the weak force.
d) Motion will move in the direction of the combined force.

An atom has 8 protons, what element is it?
a) Carbon
b) Nitrogen
c) Neon
d) Oxygen

In the chemical formula for glucose C6H12O6 which element(s) have the least amount of atoms?
a) Carbon
b) Hydrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Carbon and Oxygen

What is the independent variable in an experiment?
a) The variable that is measured
b) The variable that stays the same
c) The variable that is changed on purpose
d) The variable used to compare

How much force is needed to stop a car moving with 600 N to the North?
a) 600 N South
b) 600 N West
c) 600 N East
d) 500 N North

What are the 3 sub-atomic particles that make up an atom?
a) Neutrons, photons, and cells
b) Protons, nucleus, and electrons
c) Protons, neutrons, and electrons.
d) Elements, compounds, and mixtures

Which sub-atomic particles determines an atoms charge?
a) Proton and Neutrons
b) Neutron and Electons
c) Electron and Protons
d) Nucleus

Empty space describes an atom's --
a) Mass
b) Volume
c) Area
d) Length

What instrument is used to measure Force due to gravity?
a) Balance
b) Meter Stick
c) Barometer
d) Spring Scale

Who is credited with bein the father of the periodic table?
a) Isaac Newton
b) Dmitri Meldeleev
c) Roger Bacon
d) John Dalton

The nucleus is--
a) The center core of an atom
b) part of a compound
c) what makes chemical reactions occur
d) where electrons are stored

How do you calculate an atom's atomic mass?
a) Electrons + Neutrons
b) Electrons+ Protons
c) Protons + Neutrons

A nail rusting is an example of--
a) A physical change
b) An exothermic reaction
c) Newton's 1st Law
d) A chemical change

Where are protons located?
a) In the Nucleus
b) in the energy levels
c) On the periodic table

Action force equals the reaction force describes with law?
a) Newton's 1st Law
b) Newton's 2nd Law
c) Newton's 3rd Law

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