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A low tropical depression that brings violent winds, heavy rain, and storm surges impacting the Atlantic portion of the U.S. is called
a) A monsoon
b) A hurricane
c) A tornado
d) A tsunami

What regional label was given to the area of the United States where factories and mills were abandoned for other regions?
a) Wheat Belt
b) Pacific realm
c) Financial district
d) Rust Belt

The United States and Canada share the longest –
a) Disputed land conflict
b) Unfortified border
c) Region of tropical territory
d) History of nomadic lifestyles

Which river is used to provide irrigation to areas in the southwest United States?
a) St. Lawrence
b) Columbia
c) Rio Grande
d) Colorado

Which U.S. city exists because of the confluence of three rivers?
a) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
b) Richmond, Virginia
c) Los Angeles, California
d) New York City, New York

Which two cities grew up along the Transcontinental Railroad in the United States?
a) New York City and San Francisco
b) Omaha and Sacramento
c) Washington, DC and Santa Fe
d) Baltimore and Portland

Which is a Canadian site located where the St. Lawrence River narrows?
a) Montreal
b) Toronto
c) Quebec City
d) Ottawa

Which created a free trade area between the United States, Mexico and Canada?
c) EU
d) OAS

A street sign written in both English and French demonstrates language and cultural differences in the Canadian province of –
a) Quebec
b) Ontario
c) Newfoundland
d) Alberta

Which U.S. city is located where the Atlantic Coastal Plain meets the Piedmont?
a) Richmond
b) Denver
c) Sacramento
d) Omaha

Resource depletion and environmental changes have led mining towns in the U.S. and Canada to become –
a) Prosperous towns
b) Ghost towns
c) manufacturing centers
d) Security centers

Which eroded mountain range extends 1,500 miles from Canada to Alabama?
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Pacific Coastal Ranges
d) Cascade Mountains

A photo of a McDonald’s restaurant in China best demonstrates –
a) How American culture diffuses throughout the global marketplace
b) How political divisions generate conflict
c) An example of a cottage industry located in Asia
d) How cultural disunity has developed worldwide

Comparative advantage is the –
a) Equal distribution of goods and services
b) Way countries block goods and services from other countries
c) Expensive way a country produces goods and services
d) Ability of a country to produce goods and services at a lower cost than other countries

Independence Hall is located in which US city?
a) Philadelphia
b) New York City
c) Washington, DC
d) Chicago

Gas stations, motels, highways, and drive-up services are influences of –
a) Space travel
b) Airplanes
c) Cars/automobiles
d) Trains

The Continental Divide is the --
a) Division of North America
b) Point where precipitation falls into rivers that flow either east into the Atlantic Ocean or west into the Pacific Ocean
c) River that divides Europe
d) A mathematical equation used to find the middle of North America

Many developing countries need to trade because of the ____________ distribution of resources.
a) Unequal
b) Fair
c) Favorable
d) Equal

The Gateway Arch is located in which US city?
a) St. Louis, Missouri
b) San Francisco
c) New York
d) Chicago

Since Canadians and Americans trace their ethnicity to many different nationalities, the society is very diverse or—
a) Multicultural
b) Have only 2 ethnicities
c) Only one ethnic group
d) The same

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