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His idea of the right of revolution would also echo across Europe and Latin America in the centuries that followed.
a) Voltaire
b) John Locke
c) Jean Jacques Rousseau
d) All of the above

An influential French writer who wrote that (Power should be a check to power) was (not in the book, but take a guess)
a) Baron de Montesquieu
b) Louis XIV
c) Voltaire
d) Thomas Hobbes

Brilliant French satirist who frequently targeted the clegry, the corrupt officials/idle aristocrats, and different injustices
a) Voltaire
b) John Locke
c) Thomas Hobbes
d) Baron de Montesquieu

A new way of thinking about the natural world based on careful observation and a willingness to question accepted beliefs
a) Scientific Revolution
b) Scientific Method
c) American Revolution
d) Civil War

French writer who proposed the ideas of separation of powers and checks and balances in government
a) Montesquieu
b) Galileo
c) Voltaire
d) John Locke

Intellectual movement that stressed reason and thought and the power of individuals to solve problems
a) Enlightenment
b) Checks and balances
c) social contract
d) Bill of Rights

Allowing business to operate with little government interference is called....
a) Natural Law
b) Code of Richards
c) Social Contract
d) Laissez faire

English philosopher who proposed that a government's power comes from the consent of the citizens and that citizens have the right to rebel against unjust rulers
a) Locke
b) Voltaire
c) Isaac Newton
d) Mary Wollstonecraft

In general, the philosophes believed in which of the following?
a) expanding women's rights
b) all church decrees
c) progress for society
d) authoritarian rule

European art of the 1600's and early 1700's was dominated by a grand, ornate style called
a) neoclassical
b) classical
c) baroque
d) gothic

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