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What type of column shown has an ornate capital decorated with acanthus leaves and scrolls?
a) Corinthian
b) Doric
c) Ionic
d) Italian

All are known for their work with philosophy EXCEPT –
a) Socrates
b) Sophocles
c) Plato
d) Aristotle

What type of simple column was used on the Greek Parthenon?
a) Doric
b) Ionic
c) Corinthian
d) Italian

Who developed a mathematical formula to calculate the relationship between the sides of a triangle?
a) Hippocrates
b) Pythagoras
c) Phidias
d) Aechylus

Who’s scientific discovery focused on the laws of levers and pulleys?
a) Archimedes
b) Pythagoras
c) Homer
d) Plato

Who launched Greek literature by writing The Iliad and The Odyssey, epic poems about the Trojan War?
a) Socrates
b) Aechylus
c) Homer
d) Plato

Which best describes the legacy of Pericles?
a) Athens was restored and made more democratic
b) Athens created a harsh code of laws in which crimes were punished by death
c) Debt slavery was outlawed in the city
d) He led a small force of soldier at a mountain pass for three days

Warfare between Athens and Sparta, Lasted nearly 30 years, and ended the Golden Age of Pericles describes which war?
a) Peloponnesian War
b) Punic Wars
c) Trojan War
d) Persian War

What was the lasting impact of the Peloponnesian War?
a) Athens and Sparta united Greece
b) Greek cultural advancements slowed and political power weakened
c) Greece developed a new economy
d) Persia lost most of its empire

Which demonstrates a main cause of the Peloponnesian War?
a) Persia attacked the mainland
b) Spartans attacked Marathon and Salamis
c) The formation of the Delian and Peloponnesian Leagues
d) Aggressive taxes forced citizens to revolt

Athens progressed from a monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, to a ?
a) Anarchy
b) Polytheism
c) Oligarchy
d) Democracy

All are true of the Persian Wars EXCEPT ---
a) Athens and Sparta put aside their differences to fight Persia
b) Sparta and Athens merged to create one large city-state
c) After Athenian victories, Greeks gained control of the Aegean Sea
d) Athens was able to continue innovations and independence

Which Greek city state allowed for public debate and emphasized the duties of citizens?
a) Athens
b) Sparta
c) Troy
d) Rome

Which Greek city state was ruled by an oligarchy, had a rigid social structure, and was very aggressive and militaristic?
a) Troy
b) Sparta
c) Athens
d) Rome

Who was the Greek God of all Gods?
a) Zeus
b) Hera
c) Artemis
d) Aphrodite

The Greeks believed in many gods, which made them --
a) Monotheistic
b) Non-believers
c) Polytheistic
d) Democratic

Which city is located on the Balkan Peninsula?
a) Athens
b) Sparta
c) Troy
d) Rome

Who is the Greek god of music, poetry, and intelligence?
a) Hera
b) Athena
c) Zeus
d) Apollo

Which Greek city-state is located on the Peloponnesus Peninsula?
a) Athens
b) Sparta
c) Troy
d) Rome

What did Alexander the Great spread throughout his empire?
a) Greek or the Hellenistic Culture
b) Slavery
c) Military academies
d) City-states

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