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What led to the discovery of cells?
a) Labs
b) microscopes
c) working together
d) new animals

Prokaryotic cells do not have a _________
a) nucleus
b) cell wall
c) Organelles
d) purpose

Which of the following Scientists state that all living things are made of cells?
a) Anton Van Leeuwenjoek
b) Rudolf Virchow
c) Theodor Schwann
d) Mr. Smith

Are structures specialized to perform distinct proccesses
a) organelles
b) cytoplasm
c) skeletons
d) Cells

The main purpose of the cytoskeleton is....
a) provide energy
b) provide structure and support
c) runs water
d) divides protiens

Which of the following is a major principle of the Cell Theory
a) All cells come from pre existing cells
b) cells are highly complext
c) Cells arise spontaneously
d) all cells have DNA

What is the cytoplasm?
a) Forms a double layer that holds the cell parts in
b) jelly like substance that fills the cell around the organelles
c) organelle that produces ATP
d) Organelle that makes protein

All of the following are similarities between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells except?
a) They both have DNA
b) They both have organelles
c) They both Reproduce
d) They both have a nucleus

A Eukaryotic Cell
a) Has a membrane bound organelles
b) Has a nucleus
c) Can be a single or multicellular
d) All of the above

How did Robert Hooke Contribute to the cell theory?
a) He didnt contribute to anything
b) He was the first to look at cork under the microscope and gave them the name cells.
c) He studied plan cells and determined that all plants are composed of cells
d) He was the first to examine living cells under a microscope and called them animalcules

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