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What means to take a journey for religious reasons?
a) Photosynthesize
b) Purify
c) Purantization
d) Pilgrimage

What was a region of the 13 colonies?
a) New England
b) Southern
c) All
d) Middle

What is a colony in which the English king traded land to someone in exchange for a yearly payment?
a) Proprietary Colony
b) Royal Colony
c) Patroonship
d) All

Which colony was established as a place where Catholics could practice their religion?
a) New England
b) Maryland
c) Georgia
d) Rhode Island

Who founded the colony of Connecticut?
a) John White
b) John Winthrop
c) John Wheelright
d) Thomas Hooker

Who called his colony a Holy Experiment?
a) John Winthrop
b) William Penn
c) James Ogelthorpe
d) Roger Williams

Who wanted to purify the Church of England?
a) The Pilgrims
b) William Penn
c) The Puritans
d) James Ogelthorpe

What means to allow other to practice their own religious beliefs?
a) Intolerance
b) Tolerance
c) Suffrage
d) Democracy

What was the frontier land of the Middle and Southern colonies called?
a) Borderlands
b) Tidwater
c) Backland
d) Backcountry

What cash crop saved Jamestown?
a) Indigo
b) Tobacco
c) Rice
d) Cotton

Who was a new arrival to the Jamestown colony that made an impact?
a) Women
b) Slaves
c) Both
d) None

Which of the following is an example of a proprietary colony?
a) Georgia
b) New Jersey
c) Rhode Island
d) Iowa

Who battled the Puritans in Mass. Bay colony?
a) Both
b) Metacom
c) King Phillip
d) None

Who was the founder of the Mass. Bay Colony?
a) Roger Wiliams
b) Ann Hutchinson
c) John Smith
d) John Winthrop

What is a large farm with many workers that was found on the Southern colonies and New Spain?
a) Plantations
b) Presidios
c) Missions
d) Borderlands

Which leader help Jamestown survive?
a) Thomas Hooker
b) John Smith
c) Brett Michaels
d) Tom Scholz

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