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What was a new class of people that evolved at the end of the Middle Ages?
a) Serfs
b) Kings
c) Vassals
d) Middle Class

Which king abused power and created the need for the Magna Carta?
a) George
b) John
c) Paul
d) Ringo

What caused the Hundred Year's War?
a) Death
b) The English Channel
c) Marriage
d) All

Why did the Pope send European soldiers to fight in the Holy Land?
a) To increase the power and prestige of the Church
b) To allow Christians pilgrimage to the Holy Land
c) All
d) To unite the Europeans

What was considered the Holy Land for Christians living in Europe?
a) All
b) Israel
c) Palestine
d) Jordan

What was the code of conduct that was followed by the Knights during the Middle Ages?
a) Magna Carta
b) Bushido
c) Hammurabi's Code
d) Chivalry

Who was tried for witchcraft and inspired the French soldiers in the Hundred Year's War?
a) William the Conquerer
b) Joan of Arc
c) Peter the Great
d) Elizabeth the Great

How did people learn about their religion before the ability to print books was available?
a) Stained Glass Windows
b) Papyrus
c) Clay Tablets
d) The Internet Machine

What was land given to a lord in exchange for their loyalty?
a) Fief
b) Manor
c) Charter
d) All

What role did women play on a manor?
a) There were no women on the manor
b) They did not have a role
c) The Lady of the Manor was in change when the Lord was gone
d) Women ran the manor

What was a large estate that included many things an entire village would have?
a) Manor
b) Fief
c) The Crusades
d) The Holy Land

How come feudalism declined as a system of rule?
a) The growth of towns
b) Less concern about Viking raids
c) All
d) The Crusades

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