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Where does Molly take David after work?
a) To a party
b) To a picnic
c) To Bran's house
d) To Kristin's house

Who is Bran's father?
a) Mr. Byrd
b) Mr. Ridley
c) Joseph Collier
d) Nick Bruno

In Chapter 12, who starts the fight with Bran?
a) Gordon
b) Nick
c) Jerry
d) Matt

What is spray painted on the side and front of Bran's house?
a) Bad Apple
b) Bad Seed
c) Bad Man
d) Bad Egg

In Chapter 13, who is waiting for Bran when he returns home?
a) a reporter
b) Joseph Collier
c) Mr. Byrd
d) Nick Bruno

Bran describe his father as being what?
a) Normal
b) psychotic
c) clever
d) Fun and caring

According to the principal, who has guardianship of Bran?
a) His father
b) Aunt
c) Mr. Byrd
d) No one

What did Bran kill when he was younger?
a) a dog
b) a cat
c) a bird
d) a snake

In Chapter 14, who does Bran's uncle want to call after the fight?
a) an attorney
b) the police
c) the principal
d) the FBI

In Chapter 15, who follows Bran home from the daycare?
a) Joseph Collier
b) a reporter
c) Nick Bruno
d) David

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