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The actual letter/message of the Business Letter is called the body.
a) True
b) False

What is the Inside/Delivery Address?
a) recipient's address
b) return address
c) company address
d) both recipient's address and company address

Google Docs is a __________ office suite.
a) email service
b) search program
c) software as a service
d) none of the choices listed

A logo is a part of the heading in a
a) business letter
b) email
c) letterhead
d) memo

Dear Mrs. Browning
a) return address
b) delivery address
c) date
d) salutation

Respectfully yours is considered part of the
a) body
b) complimentary close
c) greeting
d) return address

Quick email messages about company happenings but not suitable for all occasions is called
a) business letters
b) email
c) letterhead
d) memo

The heading of a business letter consists of your
a) delivery address
b) inside address
c) return address
d) none of the choices listed

The actual letter/message should be lasting and to the point.
a) True
b) False

What are acceptable formats for a Business Letter?
a) Block
b) Modified Block
c) Pre-Modified Block
d) both block and modified block

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