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Which of the following was developed as a learning language?
c) assembly
d) C++

Which of the following is a low-level language?
a) Visual Basic
b) C++
c) machine code
d) none of the answers

A program that translates a series of instructions written in a high-level language into low-level instructions that the computer can perform is known as _____.
a) source code
b) a complier
c) object code
d) a debugger

___________ can be reused in other programs.
a) Variables
b) Flowcharts
c) Code modules
d) Batch files

A(n) ____________ is a set of instructions that tell a computer how to perform a particular task.
a) input device
b) output device
c) control unit
d) program

Which programming language was created specifically for cell phones and handheld computers?
a) C++
b) WML
c) JVM
d) XML

Which programming approach reduces cost by decreasing time needed to develop a project?
a) rapid application development
b) structured programming
c) object-oriented programming
d) modules

Which programming approach includes a protected set of variables?
a) object-oriented programming
b) modules
c) rapid application development
d) structured programming

What is an algorithm?
a) a geometric shape used in a flowchart
b) an if-then series of statements
c) a list of steps for solving a problem
d) a complex mathematical formula

What is the divide-and-conquer approach to problem solving?
a) starting with easier problems and gradually working up to harder problems
b) tackling the big problems first to get them out of the way
c) working on problems that are manageable and leaving the rest
d) tackle one small piece of the puzzle at a time

Which classic programming elements refers to the ability to repeat parts of the program?
a) variables
b) executable statements
c) looping
d) decision statements

Which classic programming element allows a program to perform different actions depending on conditions?
a) looping
b) decision statements
c) executable statements
d) variables

Which one of the following is a commonly used 4GL?
b) assembly language

Which one of the following refer to a low-level language?
a) machine code
b) pseudocode
c) hacking code
d) dead code

In contrast to high-level languages, low-level languages
a) are easier to learn and use.
b) are similar to human languages.
c) run faster.
d) take up more disk space.

Which one of the following would probably be easiest for an English-speaking adult to learn?
a) Java
b) French
c) German
d) Latin

In contrast to human languages, programming languages.
a) have larger vocabularies
b) contain smaller vocabularies than human languages
c) are much more complex
d) have more difficult syntax

If you wrote a program and saved it to a disk, what type of file would it be?
a) a batch file
b) a source code file
c) an executable file
d) a database file

Mistakes in the way programming elements are stung together are called.
a) syntax errors
b) semantic errors
c) style errors
d) source errors

If a computer programmer calls someone a code hacker, it means that person ____.
a) is a master programmer.
b) doesn't program very carefully.
c) breaks into computer security systems.
d) is very organized.

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