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Review Of Unit On Lewis And Clark, Zebulon Pike, Julien Dubuque, Marquette And Joliet, And Other Explorers.[print questions]

What country did the United States buy land from in the Louisiana Purchase?
a) France
b) England
c) Spain
d) Mexico

Who settled in Iowa to mine lead, becoming Iowa’s first settler?
a) Pike
b) Dubuque
c) Lewis
d) Joliet

Who was the President of the United States that bought land in the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) John F. Kennedy
c) Bill Clinton
d) Thomas Jefferson

Who were the first white men to set foot in Iowa, that we know of?
a) Marquette and Joliet
b) Pike and Dubuque
c) Clark and Sacagawea
d) Romeo and Juliet

The “Hidden River,” “Inland Sea,” “River St. Louis,” “Colbert River,” and “Great River” are all names for which river?
a) Ohio River
b) Mississippi River
c) Missouri River
d) Colorado River

What was Marquette?
a) experienced explorer
b) Jesuit priest
c) map maker
d) trader

How did Dubuque trick the Indians?
a) dressed like a buffalo
b) gave them whiskey, took their land
c) pretended to be an Indian
d) “started water on fire”

What mineral did Dubuque mine?
a) gold
b) silver
c) lead ore
d) coal

Which of the following is NOT a reason that Pike was sent up the Mississippi River?
a) to teach the Indians about Christianity
b) to select areas for forts
c) to exchange British flags for American
d) find out about the region

What was the name of the Indian woman who went with the Lewis and Clark expedition as a wife of one of the crewmembers, as well as a guide?
a) Little Big Woman
b) Pocahontas
c) Sacajawea
d) Black Hawk

What two expeditions traveled the big rivers bordering Iowa to survey the Louisiana Purchase made by the United States?
a) Lewis and Clark; Pike
b) Lewis and Clark; Marquette
c) Pike and Marquette
d) Pike and Dubuque

Which of the following is the correct order that these people visited or arrived in Iowa?
a) Dubuque, Pike, Lewis/Clark, Marquette
b) Pike, Lewis/Clark, Marquette, Dubuque
c) Marquette, Dubuque, Lewis/Clark, Pike
d) Marquette, Lewis/Clark, Pike, Dubuque

Which explorer, whom a peak in Colorado is named after, went on an expedition to find the source of the Mississippi River?
a) Pike
b) Dubuque
c) Lewis
d) Joliet

what year did the Corps of Discovery leave on their journey to explore and search for the Northwest Passage?
a) 1967
b) 1819
c) 1902
d) 1803

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