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Which group of people were considered the highest social class in colonial Latin America?
a) Creoles
b) Meztizos
c) Mulattoes
d) Peninsulares

What was the goal of the Haitian Revolution?
a) to increase trade with European countries
b) to gain independence from France without changing the class system
c) to end slavery and political inequality for people of color
d) to increase the development of technology in Haiti

The rigid social class system of Latin American society under Spanish rule contradicted the Enlightenment idea of
a) a two class system
b) equality among men
c) the importance of birth order
d) constitutional guarantee of rights

The abolition of slavery was based on which Enlightenment idea
a) Liberty as natural right of man
b) Seperation of government powers
c) personal rights as less important than civil order
d) the authority of absolute monarchs

People or pure European descent who held the second highest position in Latin American society were known as what?
a) creoles
b) mestizos
c) mulattoes
d) peninsulares

Which Enlightenment document argued that a nation needs a strong fierce ruler at the top?
a) John Locke's Two Treatises of Government
b) Rousseau's Discourse on Inequality
c) Thomas Hobbes' Leviathian
d) Voltaire's On Intolerance

Which Enlightenment thinker wrote the Declaration of Independence and also served as president of the United States
a) James Madison
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) George Washington
d) John Adams

Why do historians mean when they saw the term Latin American Revolution is an oxymoron?
a) the revolutions were highly successful
b) The Aztecs and Mayas should have been the leaders of the revolutions
c) Latin American countries are better off being ruled by a monarch
d) The revolutions were not really successful and long-lasting

Which European nation did not establish colonies in Latin America?
a) Portugal
b) Denmark
c) France
d) Spain

The term gaucho refers to what?
a) Argentine cowboys
b) Grouchy Latin Americans
c) a famous Mexican spice dish
d) the dictator of Venezuela

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