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What might be the result of the following factors: Napolean's invasion of Spain, divisions among social classes, desire for independent and democratic government, desire for economic independence
a) anarchy
b) socialism
c) revolution
d) mutiny

After gaining independence, many Latin American countries failed to unify. What was an obstacle for their unification?
a) They lacked a common language or religion
b) They had neither social divisions or hierarchy
c) Lack of desire by the people made it difficult to create democratic governments
d) Geography made it difficult to build an infrastructure that would bring the nations together

Which of these situations was the direct result of the other three?
a) nations of Latin America won independence
b) revolutions occurred in North America and France
c) the Napoleanic wars weakened Spain's power
d) creoles and mestizos became discontented with Spanish rule

Which statement best summarizes Thomas Jefferson's idea of a republican government
a) The power of the government rests with the body of its citizens
b) The power of the government rests with the leaders at the top
c) Republican governments have a monarch that leads the country
d) Republican governments have strict laws that rule its citizens

Which statement below best reflects the ideas of the Enlightenment?
a) Good government stresses the importance of the nation and the rights of individuals who agree with the nation's direction
b) The person of the king is sacred and to attack him in any way is to attack religion itself.
c) All human beings are born free and equal with a right to life and liberty
d) Our goal will not be achieved by democracy or liberal reforms, but by blood and iron

Which best summarizes Montesqieu's view of the responsibility of citizens in a democracy?
a) to lobby for new laws
b) to vote for their leaders
c) to respond to public opinion polls
d) to take part in election campaigns

I will never allow my hands to be idle or my soul to rest until I have broken the chains laid upon us by Spain. This statement was most likely made by a
a) Latin American nationalist
b) a Portuguese explorer
c) a Roman Catholic bishop
d) a Spanish conquistador

Which statement summarizes Montesqieu's view of government
a) Government should be ruled by a monarch
b) Government should not give too much liberty to its people
c) Government should be divided so that it remains fair for its citizens
d) Government should be controlled by one body of magistrates

The French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire was famous for advocating
a) The Separation of Church and State
b) a return to medieval society
c) a ban on all teachings that were contrary to the Catholic Church
d) The continuation of the French monarchy

The writings of the Enlightenment philosophers in Europe encouraged later political revolutions with their support of
a) socialism
b) imperialism
c) the natural rights of man
d) the divine right monarchies

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