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Who founded the colony of Texas
a) Stephen Austin
b) Santa Anna
c) Davy Crockett
d) Sam Houston

Who was the leader of the Mexican army?
a) Santa Anna
b) Sam Houston
c) Davy Crockett
d) Steven Austin

Who was the leader of the Texan army?
a) Santa Anna
b) Sam Houston
c) Davy Crockett
d) Steven Austin

a building from which an army can fight from
a) Texas Revolution
b) alamo
c) fort
d) Republic

country where people vote for leaders
a) revolution
b) democracy
c) fort
d) republic

Americans who settled in Texas ....
a) liked the desert in Texas
b) did not want to obey Mexican laws
c) did not want to eat Mexcican food
d) did not like the United States

Texans wanted ....
a) to be Mexican Citizens
b) to be a part of the United States
c) to become Catholic and speak Spanish
d) to be free from Mexico

Texans went to war with
a) Spain
b) Sam Houston and the United States
c) Santa Anna and Mexico
d) themselves

All 190 Texans were killed at the Battle of
a) San Jacinto
b) Alamo
c) New Orleans
d) Baltimore

What happened to Texans after the war?
a) Free from Mexico become the Republic of Texas
b) Immediately become a part of United States
c) Stay a part of Mexico
d) All learned how to speak Spanish

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