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It is safeer to mail a check or pay bills online than it is to
a) mail cash
b) pay a bill in person
c) keep good records
d) pay by money order.

Your personalized checks show
a) your name, address, and account number.
b) the date, amount, and type of transaction.
c) your name, age, and place of birth.
d) your name, age, and address.

The amount of each check must be written in
a) numbers and words
b) words only
c) numbers only
d) you don't have to write the amount

A bounced check is sometimes called
a) an overdrawn or bad check
b) a personalized check
c) a registered check
d) a good check

To cover every type of payment you make, you need to have
a) enough money in your checking account
b) a place to hide your checks
c) a folder to store your checkbook
d) no money in your checking account

Will has $500 dollars in his checking account. He used a check to pay for his rent which was $200 Dollars. How much money does he have left?
a) $300
b) $200
c) $500
d) $100

Jerry has $50 dollars in the bank. He deposited $150 in the bank. How much money does he have now?
a) $200
b) $100
c) $150
d) $250

Using a debit card is one kind of banking
a) transaction
b) fee
c) fine
d) deposit

If you fail to keep track of the money in your account, you could end up paying costly bank
a) fines
b) fee
c) deposits
d) transaction

If you write a check or set up an online payment for more money than you have, you will ____________ your account.
a) overdraw
b) withdraw
c) deposit
d) underdraw

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