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France, Russia, and Great Britain made up the…
a) Crushing Countries
b) European Posse
c) Trace Alliance
d) Triple Entente

Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy made up the…
a) Triple Alliance
b) Supreme Powers
c) Justice League
d) Anti-feminist Brotherhood

Which of the following was NOT a result of the American Civil War?
a) 1 out of 5 white adult males were killed
b) 4 million slaves were freed
c) white supremacy was ended
d) old South was destroyed

What is the nickname given to the day in Russia when Russian troops opened fire on demonstrators, killing hundreds?
a) Terrible Tuesday
b) Melancholy Monday
c) Manic Saturday
d) Bloody Sunday

Who was the new Russian CZAR at the end of the Industrial Revolution?
a) Nicholas II
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Queen Catherine
d) Peter the Great

Which of the following is NOT a job that was opened to women during the Industrial Revolution?
a) secretary
b) typist
c) mechanic
d) clerk

What were the 1st female colleges?
a) nursing schools
b) teacher-training institutes
c) pre-law schools
d) domestication schools to teach cooking and sewing

Who were the bourgeoisie?
a) middle class
b) nobility
c) low class
d) slaves

Which word's definition means A PERSON OR GROUP HAS ABSOLUTE POWER
a) oligarchy
b) dictatorship
c) democracy
d) aristocracy

Who is credited with starting communism?
a) Jaques Charques
b) Winston Churchill
c) Karl Marx
d) Vladimir Lenin

Which of the following countries did NOT benefit from the Second Industrial Revolution?
a) Spain
b) Great Britain
c) Belgium
d) France

What did Marie Curie discover?
a) chlorine
b) radium
c) cancer
d) helium

What word's definition is HATRED OF THE JEWS?
a) Reichstag
b) Protestant
c) Baboschka
d) Anti-Semitism

Who is known as the most famous Postimpressionist artist?
a) Claude Monet
b) Vincent van Gogh
c) Pablo Picasso
d) Roger Waters

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