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Es una broma.
a) It's a joke.
b) It's a bird.
c) It's a plane.
d) It's superman.

¡Me encanta!
a) I can't do it!
b) I can't have it!
c) I like it!
d) I love it!

a) Buy it for me!
b) Do it for me!
c) Give it to me!
d) Tell it to me!

a) Guess when.
b) Guess jeans.
c) Guess who.
d) Guess what.

a) enlightening
b) amazing
c) awesome
d) inspiring

Te toca.
a) Your turn.
b) Your time.
c) Play your trumpet.
d) Eat your veggies.

¡Qué pena!
a) What a royal pain!
b) What a triumph!
c) What a challenge!
d) What a shame!

¡Puedes hacerlo!
a) You need to do it!
b) You can do it!
c) You can forget it!
d) You can help!

El amor es ciego.
a) Love hurts.
b) Love stinks.
c) Love is hard.
d) Love is blind.

¡Se acabó!
a) It's not good!
b) It's about time!
c) It's undone!
d) It's over!

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