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Why does Addie invite Hannah to sit by the fire after dinner?
a) To ask Hannah some questions.
b) To show Hannah her flute.
c) To spend some time with the Littles.
d) To have some time with Dwight by herself without Hannah.

Why does Addie feel sad as she watches Hannah and Dwight put Brynna and Katie to bed?
a) She feels left out.
b) She does not feel sad.
c) She thinks they do not want her.
d) She thinks her mother will never be like that.

Who is Hannah?
a) Soula's best friend.
b) Denise's sister.
c) Addie's teacher.
d) The woman who owns the mansion where Dwight is working.

What is Soula doing when Addie finds her?
a) Vomiting.
b) Sleeping.
c) Arguing.
d) Talking on her phone.

How does Dwight react when he learns Denise is gone?
a) He is supportive.
b) He is enraged.
c) He feels sorry for Denise.
d) He thinks it's good riddance.

How do Soula and Elliot act to Addie?
a) Friendly.
b) Hostile.
c) Indifferent.
d) Mean.

How many steps are there to get to anywhere in the house?
a) 15.
b) 6.
c) 12.
d) 20.

Why does Addie not read in Soula's store?
a) She is afraid of offending Soula.
b) There is nothing of interest to her.
c) She is not tall enough to reach the board.
d) She would have to pull out her vocabulary cards.

What does Addie tell Denise Addie will be doing on Halloween?
a) Working on a science project.
b) Going door-to-door trick or treating.
c) Handing out candy at the mini-mart.
d) Practicing for music tryouts.

How does Denise react to the idea of Addie spending Thanksgiving weekend with Dwight?
a) She is angry that Dwight wants to take Addie for a holiday.
b) She thinks Dwight is trying to turn Addie against her.
c) She wants to go along.
d) She is fine with it.

What does Addie say about mid-December?
a) That it is her birthday.
b) That she is going to try out for a play.
c) That she is going to come and stay with them until after Christmas.
d) That she has a Stage Orchestra concert.

What does Ms. Rivera ask Addie that causes Addie to feel nervous?
a) To ask her mother to come in for a conference.
b) To do a solo piece at the concert.
c) To start learning the piccolo.
d) To move to first chair in the flute section.

What does Dwight tell Denise he has been offered?
a) A different job but at the same location.
b) A swap for his house.
c) An out-of-town job.
d) A promotion at the factory.

Who does Dwight call when he learns that Denise was not around?
a) Sophia
b) Grandio
c) Child protective services
d) Emilio

What thrills Addie about what she hears Dwight say to Hannah?
a) That he had tried for custody.
b) That Denise is in rehab.
c) That Denise may let her live with her grandparents.
d) That he will try again to gain custody of Addie.

What do Helena and her mom bring to Grandio's farm?
a) Food
b) A box of clothing.
c) Addie's school work
d) Money

Who is Pete?
a) Addie's real father
b) Dwight's brother
c) The man who Mommer's met for business reasons.
d) He works at Numbskull Dory's

What does Dwight say that makes Addie feel devasted?
a) He's leaving for good.
b) He can't adopt her.
c) He and Hannah are getting married.
d) He's going to give the Littles back to Mommers

Where does Addie move when the book begins?
a) A mansion
b) An apartment
c) A duplex
d) A trailer

What does Addie find when she returns home after showing off her hamster?
a) Her trailer burned down.
b) Dinner
c) Her mother is dressed up to leave for the evening.
d) Everything is the same.

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