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The measure of how much space an object takes up
a) volume
b) mass
c) density
d) no correct answer given

The use of senses to gather information is called
a) tools
b) observation
c) scientific method
d) theory

Science is about
a) getting good grades and right answers
b) observing science and getting good grades
c) making observations and asking questions
d) making observations and giving answers

A symbol for a sharp object is a
a) glove
b) goggles
c) hand
d) knife

The ratio of mass to volume is an object's
a) density
b) temperature
c) weight
d) no correct answer given

This represents an object or system
a) tool
b) model
c) theory
d) method

Physics is the study of
a) how light affects energy
b) matter and how energy has no effect
c) energy and how it affects matter
d) how matter behaves and changes

A symbol for electrical safety is a
a) glove
b) goggles
c) hand
d) plug

The ways that scientist answer questions is a
a) scientific method
b) theory
c) questioning
d) model

Physical science isthe study of
a) rocks and soil
b) weather
c) nonliving matter
d) living matter

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