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Which term is given to describes the lines joining places that have the same temperature on a weather map?
a) isobars
b) isotherms
c) fronts
d) occluded

A rapidly moving cold air mass meets a slowly moving warm air mass and forms a front. What will most likely occur at this front?
a) The two air masses will mix together.
b) The warm air will slide under the cold air. The cold air will rise and get warmer.
c) Cold air will slide under the warm air. Warm air will rise and cool. Clouds will form.
d) The less dense warm air will sink and cool. Clouds will form.

A type of cloud that forms in flat layers and often covers much of the sky is
a) cirrus
b) cumulus
c) fog
d) stratus

On a weather map, the strongest winds are normally observed
a) at the center of high pressure
b) at the center of low pressure
c) near a large body of water
d) where the isobars or contour lines are close together.

What can one conclude when there is a large temperature difference between the recording of a psychrometer's dry-bulb thermometer and its wet-bulb thermometer
a) it is very dry
b) it is nearly saturated
c) it is very warm
d) it is very cold

Which type of cloud resembles a fluffy pile of cotton?
a) cirrus
b) cumulus
c) nimbus
d) stratus

Which type of cloud would be most fitting for a scary Halloween night?
a) cirrus
b) cumulus
c) nimbus
d) stratus

Clouds usually form when
a) air temperature reaches the dew point
b) evaporation has warmed the surrounding air
c) relative humidity is zero percent
d) condensation nuclei have been removed from the air

What causes an occluded front?
a) A warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and have a standoff
b) Warm air overpowers colder air
c) A warm air mass becomes trapped between two cold air masses
d) sunny weather

Which of the following careers studies the weather
a) meteorologist
b) geologist
c) chemist
d) physicist

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