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Which of the following does NOT form as a result of a low level temperature inversion?
a) smog
b) sleet
c) tornado
d) fog

The degree of aridness of a geographic region is generally defined as the ratio of precipitation to:
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) transpiration
d) snowpack depth

The lag time between precipitation period and peak discharge period of a river:
a) Is increased by urbanization
b) is decreased by urbanization
c) is shorter for a large drainage basin than a smaller one
d) depends upon the hydraulic heads

The horse latitude which occurs at approximately 30 to 35 degrees North is also known as the:
a) doldrums
b) calms of cancer
c) calms of capricorn
d) trough of the Pacific

How does water from leaves get into the atmosphere as water vapor?
a) through condensation
b) through runoff
c) through transpiration
d) through precipitation

Which is true of low-latitude climates?
a) They have a winter season
b) They lack a winter season
c) They are wet throughout the year
d) They are dry throughout the year

The name of a rapid rise of coastal water that accompanies the arrival of a cyclone is called a:
a) hurricane
b) storm surge
c) tidal wave
d) cyclonistat

Which of the following is a characteristic of cirrus clouds?
a) Cirrus clouds are always carrying rain
b) Cirrus clouds are thick and fleecy
c) Cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals
d) Cirrus clouds are characterized by low cloud layers

Which of the following is most likely occurring if the land temperature near the beach is rising more rapidly than the ocean temperature?
a) A low pressure air mass is forming over the land and ocean, causing a sea breeze to occur.
b) Differences in air pressure over land and ocean are causing a sea breeze to occur.
c) A land breeze is forming and wind speed and direction is changing.
d) The humidity is increasing because more condensation is occurring over land.

What is the temperature in degrees Celsius when a room thermometer reads 77 degrees Fahrenheit?
a) 25
b) 32
c) 45
d) 77

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