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Trade winds are persistently easterly winds developed between
a) subtropical high pressure and equatorial doldrum
b) subtropical high pressure and sub polar low pressure
c) westerlies and polar highs
d) subtropical low pressure and polar high pressure

Which statement is false when a cold front collides with a warm front?
a) The front would stop and the temperature would drop
b) The warm air would move overtop the cold air producing light rain showers
c) The cold air would force the warm air mass upward producing thunderstorms
d) The cold air would push the warm air further to the South

Which of the following temperatures would be able to hold the greatest amount of water vapor?
a) 59
b) 63
c) 72
d) 64

Which best explains how the Coriolis effect influences weather conditions?
a) It causes winds to rotate forming tornadoes on Earth
b) It causes winds to move to the right in the Southern Hemisphere
c) It causes winds to turn to the right in the Northern Hemisphere
d) It causes wind to follow a straight-line path around Earth.

Why is it important for the United States to monitor air pollution levels in other countries?
a) Air pollution ├žan improve the ozone layer amounts in the atmosphere.
b) Air pollution can travel to the United States and affect people's health
c) The United States is the only country able to monitor the air quality
d) The United States has clean air and is able to help the other countries.

How does the temperature of the stratosphere compare to the mesosphere?
a) It is colder than the mesosphere because the stratosphere contains the ozone layer
b) It is warmer than the mesosphere because the stratosphere contains the ozone layer
c) It is colder than the mesosphere because the stratosphere contains the ionosphere
d) It is warmer than the mesosphere because the stratosphere contains the ionosphere

A city has experienced a temperature drop of 20 degrees in 6 hours, a decrease in air pressure, and cloudy weather which includes rain and thunder. What has just happened in this city?
a) A warm front has passed.
b) A cold front has passed.
c) A blizzard has taken place
d) A high pressure system has stalled.

How does the convection of air produce thunderstorms?
a) by causing warm to sink and cold air to rise
b) by causing warm air to rise and cold air to sink
c) by causing both warm and cold air to rise
d) by causing both warm air and cold air to sink

Why does air pressure decrease from the troposphere to the exosphere?
a) Because there are fewer molecules as altitude increases
b) Because there are more air molecules as altitude increases
c) Because there are higher temperatures as altitude increases
d) Because there are lower temperatures as altitude increases

Which occurs within a high pressure system?
a) The formation of tornadoes
b) The formation of hurricanes
c) Large clouds, as air rises
d) Calm weather, as air sinks

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