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Someone who asks questions about the natural world is a
a) scientist
b) model
c) engineer
d) teacher

What do scientists use to make observations?
a) 5 senses
b) telescopes
c) graduated cylinders
d) inquiries

Which of these questions could not be answered with an investigation?
a) What fruit tastes best?
b) What plant grows well in this climate?
c) What plants grow well in the shade?
d) How much water does an apple tree need?

When you estimate, you
a) make a careful guess
b) need a tool
c) measure exactly
d) look up the answer

You want to conduct an expirament about plants. Whatt do you do first?
a) observe the plants
b) write a hypothesis
c) write a hypothesis
d) analyze results

Which of the follwing is a prediction to make about weather?
a) It is going to rain soon.
b) It was sunny yesterday.
c) It is a beautiful day.
d) What causes rain?

What do you measure with a graduated cylinder?
a) the volume of a liquid
b) the length of a pencil
c) the temperature of air
d) the mass of a rock

When you carry out an expirament, what is the best way to record your proceedure
a) write it out so someone else could follow it
b) write it out, but keep it for yourself
c) Remember it, but do not write it down, so i cannot be copied
d) write down a few quick notes

What comes after making a hypothesis in the scientific method?
a) expirament
b) results
c) conclusion
d) observation

Which is not an example of a scientist tool?
a) rake
b) hand lens
c) mircoscope
d) balance

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