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Genetics Test Review.[print questions]

What blood type is recessive?
a) O
b) A
c) B
d) AB

What blood types are co-dominant?
a) A and B
b) B and B
c) B and O
d) O and O

Which is an example of a co-dominant cross?
a) white feathers with blue tips
b) purple feathers
c) blue feathers
d) white feathers

Which would be the result of incomplete dominance of red and white flowers?
a) Pink
b) Red
c) White
d) Both red and white

Using incomplete dominance. Cross two purple flowers. R = Red B= Blue. What is the chance of the offspring being blue?
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 100%

In pedigrees what would the Genotype of a half shaded circle be?
a) Bb
b) bb
c) BB

In pedigrees what does a half shaded square or circle stand for?
a) carrier of the trait
b) has the trait
c) does not have the trait

How are males represented on a pedigree?
a) square
b) circle
c) triangle
d) star

How are females represented on a pedigree?
a) circle
b) square
c) triangle
d) star

Cross of person with the blood type AB and one with O. What will be the possible outcomes?
a) 50% type A and 50% type B
b) 100% type B
c) 100% type A
d) 50% type AB and 50% O

Using co-dominance cross a black and white feather chicken (BW) with a black feathered (BB) chicken. What are the possible outcomes?
a) 50% black and white feathers and 50% black feathers
b) 50% white feathers and 50% black feathers
c) 75% black feathers 25% white feathers
d) 25% white feathers and 75% black feathers

Using incomplete dominance. Cross two pink flowers. R = red and W = white. What would the offspring look like?
a) 25% red 25% white and 50% pink
b) 50% red and 50% white
c) 75% pink and 25% white
d) 75% red and 25% white

In a pedigree what would the genotype be of a person that has a recessive trait and the box is shaded in?
a) rr
b) RR
c) Rr

Cross a heterzygous male and a female with green eyes. Green eyes = g Brown eyes= Gg What color eyes will the offspring have?
a) 50% green and 50% brown
b) 75% green and 25% brown
c) 75% brown and 25% green
d) 100% green

Which would represent hybrid?
a) Br
b) BB
c) rr

Which would represent purebred?
a) BB
b) Bb

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