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Why did Freddy Adu's family move to America?
a) They had to escape a war.
b) They wanted to give their kids a better education.
c) They wanted to get better jobs.
d) Freddy couldn't pay soccer in Ghana, his home country.

What word best describes Irene Rodriguez's first year of school in the U.S.?
a) happy
b) difficult
c) successful
d) boring

What is the main idea for this workshop, The New Americans?
a) Freddy Adu will be a huge star.
b) Immigration has changed the United States.
c) People are moving to Latin America.
d) It's easy to move to the United States.

Most new immigrants to America are from ____________.
a) Latin America and Asia
b) Asia and Africa
c) Latin America and Europe
d) Europe

Which of the following statements about immigrants is an opinion?
a) Latinos made up 12.5 percent of the people counted in the 2000 U.S. Census.
b) Immigrants are now moving to cities all over the U.S.
c) It's easy to make it as an immigrant.
d) Arnold Schwarzenegger is an immigrant.

What is the meaning of the word IMMIGRANT?
a) someone who moves from one country to another
b) friend
c) a new student in a school
d) pop star

What is the meaning of the word INFLUENCE?
a) change
b) count
c) compare
d) find

What is the meaning of the word TREND?
a) stars
b) languages
c) patterns of change over time
d) a top-ten list

What is a synonym for the word POLICY?
a) schedule
b) room
c) question
d) rule

What is a antonym for the word MINIMUM?
a) extreme sport
b) maximum
c) least amount
d) fast speed

What is a synonym for the word COMMUNICATE?
a) dress
b) play
c) act
d) talk

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