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American Landscape - In The Middle And In The West.[print questions]

Although most of the land onthe Interior Plains is flat, you can find some hills such as the _____.
a) Ozark Pateau
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Hillside Region
d) Missouri Mountan

The Great Lakes include Superior, Michigan, _____, Erie and Ontario.
a) Green Bay
b) Huron
c) Delaware
d) South Bend

The _____ of a river is the place where it begins.
a) source
b) mouth
c) foot
d) sea level

The longest mountain range in North America is the _____.
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Pacific Mountains
c) Colorado Plateau
d) Rocky Mountains

A _____ s a deep, narrow valley with teep sides.
a) plain
b) tributay
c) canyon
d) plateau

A _____ is a low, bowl-shaped land wiht higher ground around it.
a) plateau
b) basin
c) source
d) cup and saucer

The highest mountain peak in North America is _____.
a) Mount McKinley
b) Mount Mitchell
c) Mount Montana
d) Mount Morris

West of the Rockies, the land gets lower. You are in the _____, oar land between mountain ranges.
a) Intermountain Region
b) Between Mountain Region
c) Yellowstone Region
d) Appalachian Mountains

The Rocky Mountans stretch all the way from _____.
a) California to Alaska
b) Mexico to Alaska
c) California to Canada
d) New York to California

Besides mountains, valleys, and forests, there are _____ in the western United States.
a) deserts
b) the Great Lakes
c) the Interior Plains
d) no other landforms

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