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How do you convert Farenheit to Celsius?
a) multiply it by 9/5 and add 32.
b) multiply it by 5/9 and add 32
c) subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9
d) subract 32 and multiple by 9/5

When a substance gets HOTTER (it's temperature rises), the atoms...
a) don't change
b) move more slowly
c) move more quickly
d) stop moving

A piece of ice has...
a) slow moving molecules
b) quick moving molecules

A fire has...
a) slow moving molecules
b) quick moving molecules

When you convert 32 degrees Farenheit to Celsius, you get...
a) -273 degrees C
b) 9/5 degrees C
c) 0 degrees C
d) 32 degrees C

Water freezes at what temperature?
a) 0 degreees C
b) 32 degrees F
c) -273 degrees C
d) both A and B

Convert 65 degrees Farenheit to Celsuis
a) 65 degrees C
b) 0 degrees C
c) 18 degrees C
d) 32 degrees C

Your hands are cold and you put them next to a fire. What happens?
a) The fire goes out because your cold hands take away the heat.
b) Nothing happens.
c) Your hands get warmer because the heat transfers to your hands.
d) The fire takes the cold from your hands.

What do you measure temperature with?
a) a meter stick
b) a balance
c) a thermometer
d) a joule

What does the word 'convert' mean?
a) use
b) change
c) destroy
d) remain

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