6th 5 Lesson Journeys Question Preview (ID: 15962)

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My dog, though calm, always makes my neighbor's cat ____ with fear.
a) bristle
b) phase
c) gauge
d) crease

The astronaut will __________ herself to the spaceship so she does not float away.
a) tether
b) bristle
c) crease
d) phase

According to the rain ______, it rained almost an inch last night.
a) gauge
b) bristle
c) phase
d) tether

a) something new
b) transition
c) inspiration
d) something altered

a) emotional strain
b) closeness
c) the act of stretching
d) the state of being calm

a) part
b) mood
c) shape
d) condition

a) mainly
b) lastly
c) rarely
d) occasionally

a) recognition
b) cash
c) fault
d) disapproval

The tadpole is a ____ in a frog's life cycle.
a) phase
b) gauge
c) crease
d) tether

Kenneth used the hot iron to put a crisp, straight ______ in his dress pants.
a) crease
b) bristle
c) phase
d) gauge

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