Vocabulary Review Weeks 1-5 Question Preview (ID: 15937)

Practice The Vocabulary Words We Have Posted On Our Vivd Vocab Wall In Room 114. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

I walked the dog each day this week, _______ for Monday.
a) expect
b) sudden
c) except
d) confound

I was ____________ by all the directions that were given at the same time.
a) pursued
b) confounded
c) encountered
d) boisterous

The _________ athlete flew over the hurdles to win the race!
a) agile
b) ornate
c) renowned
d) sudden

The wildlife lived in peaceful splendor at the ________.
a) invisible
b) accomodate
c) spacious
d) reserve

I will _________ my dreams of going to a great college some day!
a) misconstrue
b) pursue
c) encounter
d) expect

It is fun to _________ people with the fabulous tricks I can do!
a) accommodate
b) confound
c) astound
d) reevaluate

My bedroom is so ___________ I can fit a desk, king size bed, and 2 dressers in it.
a) reserve
b) spacious
c) sudden
d) ornate

The crowd was so ____________ I could barely hear the music being played by the band!
a) boisterous
b) confounded
c) astound
d) dismantled

The Victorian house was beautifully decorated with ___________ structures throughout.
a) renowned
b) spacious
c) invisible
d) ornate

My mom came to a ______________ stop when driving to the store because of a ball that rolled in the road in front of us.
a) agile
b) sudden
c) accommodate
d) reserve

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