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Insects are examples of
a) porifera
b) cnidarians
c) arthropods
d) worms

Reptiles are
a) cold-blooded
b) warm-blooded
c) normal
d) no correct answer given

These invertebrates have stinging cells
a) porifera
b) worms
c) cnidarians
d) no correct answer given

Birds are
a) warm-blooded
b) cold-blooded
c) normal
d) no correct answer given

The simplest of all invertebrates
a) echnoderm
b) porifera
c) spider
d) worms

Mammals feed their young from
a) mammary glands
b) sweat glands
c) no correct answer is given

Earthworms have
a) 5 hearts
b) 1 heart
c) no heart
d) 19 hearts

Lampreys and hagfish are
a) bony fish
b) jawless fish
c) cartilaginous fish
d) no correct answer given

All arthropods have
a) jointed limbs, segmented body, and exoskeleton
b) jointed limbs, fins, and jaws
c) segmented body, legs, and endoskeleton
d) no correct answer given

Mammals have
a) sweat glands, hair or fur, and are cold-blooded
b) exoskeleton
c) sweat glands, mammary glands, and are warm-blooded
d) no correct answer given

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