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What is an element?
a) Two or more elements chemically combined
b) A substance that can be broken down further
c) A pure substance that cannot be broken down
d) A substance made out of molecules.

What is a atom?
a) The smallest component of an element
b) A molecule
c) A small particle
d) A tiny substance

What is a molecule?
a) One or more protons
b) One or more atoms
c) A pure substance that cannot be broken down
d) One or more elements

a) Are a pure substance
b) Have no charge
c) Have a negative charge
d) Have a positive charge

a) Have no charge
b) Have a negative charge
c) Have a positive charge
d) Are a pure substance

a) Have a negative charge
b) Are a pure substance
c) Have no charge
d) Have a positive charge

Atomic numbers are...
a) The number of protons one element contains
b) The number of neutrons one element contains.
c) The number of electrons one element contains.
d) The number of atoms one element contains.

Hg is the symbol for...
a) Helium
b) Hydrogen
c) Silver
d) Mercury

Each element is represented by a...
a) Chemical formula
b) Chemical symbol
c) Symbol
d) Name

Elements are located on the...
a) List
b) Periodic table
c) Periodic chart
d) Periodic graph

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