Anatomy And Physiology 1 Unit 2 An Introduction To The Human Body Test Review #2 Question Preview (ID: 15862)

2nd Review For Unit 2 Test.[print questions]

This is defined as a group of cells that work together to perform a particular function.
a) tissue
b) molecules
c) organ
d) organism

The structural and functional unit of life is:
a) the organism
b) a tissue
c) an organ
d) a cell

The brain is located in the
a) vertebral cavity
b) cranial cavity
c) pleural cavity
d) pericardial cavity

The deltoid region is the
a) buttock
b) shoulder blade region
c) curve of the shoulder
d) area of the spine

The composition of this body fluid, which fills the narrow spaces between cells and tissues, directly affects the proper functioning of cells.
a) blood plasma
b) intracellular fluid
c) interstitial fluid
d) lymph

Which of the following represents the largest and most complex level of structural oganization in the human body?
a) organismal level
b) cellular level
c) chenical level
d) organ level

This is the condition of equilibrium (balance) in the body's internal environment.
a) palpation
b) differentiation
c) homeostasis
d) metabolism

Which of the following is NOT a ventral cavity?
a) abdominal cavity
b) pelvic cavity
c) spinal cavity
d) thoracic cavity

The survival need that is required in order to release energy from foods is:
a) oxygen
b) water
c) atmospheric pressure
d) nutrients

Which of the following is the correct sequence, going from superior to inferior, on the medial abdominal surface?
a) epigastric, hypogastric, umbilical
b) epigastric, umbilical, hypogastric
c) hypogastric, epigastric, umbilical
d) hypogastric, umbilical, epigastric

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