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What number President was Thomas Jefferson?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 4

Who was Jefferson's Vice President
a) Cory
b) Madison
c) Burr
d) Hamilton

Jefferson's presidency was known as what?
a) Age of Exploration
b) Age of Jefferson
c) Age of Damian
d) Age of Democracy

What did Jefferson NOT do as President?
a) reduced national debt
b) bought the Louisiana Purchase
c) wrote the Declaration of Independence
d) cut taxes

Who did Jefferson think the land on the Louisiana Territory would be a home to?
a) U.S Citizens
b) Griselle and Angel
c) Freed slaves in the south
d) Native Americans

What country did Jefferson buy the Louisiana Purchase from?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Great Britain
d) Canada

How did Jefferson justify his purchase?
a) It was a good price!
b) Find more gold and uncrease U.S. wealth
c) More land will protect the nation
d) He didn't have to ask Congress for permission

What land was involved in the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Atlantic Ocean to Mississippi River
b) Mississippi River to Rocky Mountains
c) Rocky Mountains to Appalachain Mountains
d) Ocean to Mississppi River

What political party did Jefferson belong to?
a) Tea Party
b) Spartan Republicans
c) Democrats
d) Democratic-Republican

What years did Jefferson serve as President
a) 1801-1809
b) 2000-2008
c) 1898-1902
d) 1861-1965

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